Also, there is an AFTER HOURS CTF that will be done by one of our sponsors 

BSidesBoise Day CTF and Badge Challenge

Try out your offensive security skills at the BSidesBoise CTF and win fabulous prizes.  There will be challenges for beginners and for the seasoned CTF player. Disciplines covered but not limited to: network enumeration, public exploits, web stuff, cryptography and custom binary exploitation. Registration available day of the event. Play individually or as a team. Send questions to @0xC413

After Hours Night CTF Red Versus Blue

As a Blue Team participant, you’re monitoring a live environment looking for anomalous behaviors.  It’s your job to identify the breach and make recommendations for remediation.  Blue team players will get hands-on experience using Palo Alto firewalls and Splunk for attack detection

All attendees will receive a badge or you can build your own if you have a 3D printer